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Custom Address  & Phone Number Puzzle

Custom Address & Phone Number Puzzle

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This child puzzle doubles as a great learning activity and comes complete your child's name to help them with their motor skills and memory. Your child will can practice learning their address & phone number while putting the pieces together. They will not only learn information that pertains to them, but how to spell it too! This is perfect for Pre-K- 1st grade children or any child that's learning their home address.

Our board sizes are:

  • Complete Puzzle: 15 (w) x 10 (h) and the information will be fitted within those dimensions.

The puzzle pieces are raised 1/8th from the board so the letters & numbers are easily lifted and put into place.

We use Baltic birch plywood, brown acrylic paint and triple thick gloss for a sealant on the letters.

This is a light weight puzzle and all the edges of our pieces are rounded for safety of the child.

*NOTE* Parenthesis, dashes, periods, etc. will be apart of the puzzle